Foggy Dew Band

Foggy Dew Band – About Them And Their Influences

Foggy Dew Band - Keeping the Spirit of the Emerald Isle in the US-02Not many bands in the United States manage to so finely tap into the Irish folklore and music and incorporate it with the Americana music, like one band from Santa Barbara can. I am talking about a group of four men, that founded the band in the 1995 and called it Foggy Dew Band, after what is perhaps the most famous and well known Irish song of the same name. These four men are” Willie Quin, Gary Jensen, Randy Parada and Phil Pritchard.

The band is heavily influenced by Irish folk music and draws a lot of the inspiration from the stories of the Irish people, whether they are of love, bravery, war or treachery. However, among the many bands, singers and songs that inspire them, for two can certainly be said that they are the biggest influence on this band: Tommy Makem and Clancy Brothers. Those of you that are familiar with Irish folk music, these names will certainly ring a bell. The first is perhaps one of the most renowned Irish folk musicians, artists, singers and story tellers in the 20th century. Nicknamed “the Bard of Amagh” and the “Godfather of Irish Music”, Tommy dedicated most of his life and his baritone voice to the Irish folk music. The other group that deeply influences Foggy Dew Band are four brothers, Patrick, Liam, Tom and Bobby, who together made the “Clancy Brothers” a band that strongly influenced another icon of music, Bob Dylan.

So who are the Foggy Dew Band?

Well, Willie Quin was born in Ireland and is the lead singer of the band, while he also plays the harmonica in most of the songs. When he is not using his Celtic genes to sing a song of a love of Irishman for his country or fair lady, he uses his whistle.

Randy Parada plays the guitar for the Foggy Dew as well as some other bands, like Earth Rise. Before finding himself in the Irish and Americana music, he played in several California rnr bands.  Randy is also the sound engineer for the band and makes sure that their every album sounds just perfect.

Foggy Dew Band - Keeping the Spirit of the Emerald Isle in the US-01Gary Jensen is the banjo and mandolin player in the Foggy Dew. An architect outside the band, he is also the one who calls upon the audience to start dancing in the concerts. And he is also a backup vocalist.

The fourth member of the group, Phil Pritchard, is the bass player. He is one of the original members of Floyd County Boys and a carpenter apart from being a musician.

Together, these four men create a music that is perfect for telling a story of the Ireland. As many of the Americans have an Irish ancestry, don’t be surprised if you see them in your town on St Patrick’s day having a concert. Even if your folks were not from the Emerald Isle, you will certainly enjoy their songs a great deal.

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Irish Tradition Kept Alive Through Foggy Dew Band

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Foggy Dew Band – Who They Are?

Foggy Dew is a band that composes of 4 musicians: Willie Quin, who is the lead singer, and also plays the harmonica, whistles and button accordion; Gary Jensen, on the banjo, bodhran and mandolin; Randy Parada, the guitar player and Phil Pritchard, bass. They were founded in 1995 in [...] Continue Reading…